fly fishing


I have toured Eleuthera and fished with Manex on many occasions. When I started fishing with him I was a frustrated fly-fisherman. His instruction and patience elevated my ability to the level of accomplished fly-fisherman. I’ve caught 5 bonefish on fly, mostly while wading the flats. Manex is a joy to spend time with as he explains the plants, the animals, and the geography of the island. Manex knows all the bays, coves and caves, from the North to the South of the island, and has hosted me and my family on many excursions. Manex thinks like a fish and therefore has great success fishing the flats, the reefs, and spearfishing. He has provided several meals for us and is a really good cook, too. Hope to see you again this summer, Manex!”

~Jeffery Hern

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