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Manex Newton Good Times in the Bahamas fishing for bonefish


“Snorkeling and Fishing Since I Was 17 Years Old”


Welcome to CocoLobaTours Eleuthera Bahamas!! We are so glad you chose to take some time off. Hopefully you will Book A Trip and enjoy your time off with us! We look forward to touring with you in Eleuthera


We at Coco-Loba have a very simple goal. We want to deliver to each and every person the best vacation of your life! There are many things to do on the island, around the island, and inside (yes, INSIDE) the island, and our local tour guides know every foot of it. We have a unique tour package system you can’t find anywhere else here. The places we will take you aren’t considered ‘Typical’ tourist spots, and for the most part, have virtually no traffic. It’s rare to get out on one of our illustrious tours, and see another person let alone a group. With that said, we do have local community, and shop tours available for you to see what the local life is like here on the island.

It is our mission to deliver a worry free, hassle free, and custom tailored vacation. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, don’t look at the clock. Let us handle all of the details, and you just relax! We will create your perfect vacation with you before you get here, and set up every detail. Our goal is to deliver the perfect dream vacation without complications, or time constraints.

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